The Financial Services Board recognises our MBA, BBA and HCBM qualifications

The Financial Services Board (FSB) has accredited Regenesys with their stamp of approval for our MBA NQF level 8, BBA and HCBM programmes.

fsblogoThe FSB is an independent institution established by the South African parliament to regulate the financial services sector (excluding banking) to maintain a sound financial investment environment in the country.

It regulates financial services such as retirement funds, short-term and long-term insurance, funeral insurance, unit trusts and stock market investments, and the financial advisors and brokers who sell these.

The recent Regenesys FSB accredited qualifications are:

  1. Higher Certificate: Business Management SAQA ID# 84046 which is accredited with the FSB Ref#619461
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration SAQA ID# 84027 which is accredited with the FSB Ref#623003
  3. Master of Business Administration NQF level 8 SAQA ID# 58185 which is accredited with the FSB Ref#611138

This recognition from the financial industry attests to the quality and relevance of our academic qualifications.