Public Finance

Programme Schedule

Programme Overview

Our public financial management system is intended to provide a framework of norms and standards that are consistent in all spheres of government.

This digital course aims to provide a better understanding of this framework, and to heighten your awareness of the important contributions that transparent, effective and efficient financial management play in the success of South Africa.

It will familiarise you with a wide set of public finance terminology, concepts, definitions and legislation, which you will need to read in full. At a practical level, it will help you connect the theoretical basis for the implementation of budgets and planning tools to the realities of your work environment.

What will you learn?

On completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain public finance terminology, concepts, and definitions appropriately
  • Have a broad understanding of public finance legislation including the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA); Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA) and Treasury Regulations
  • Explore different budgeting processes
  • Know the structures and processes for effective cash flow management
  • Be familiar with procurement legislation and regulations
  • Identify success and failure factors of financial management in the public sector, including the consequences thereof
  • Display knowledge of public finance management problem analysis